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Welcome to our shop, one place where
we will take care of your car, completely

Who we are?

We are a team of car mechanics, electricians and also body repair technicians who will make sure your car is in perfect order, as long as needed. We can maintain it, repair it and also make sure it stays in that order for ages.

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We have developed all the services
you will need.

Car inspection

First of all, we will inspect your car and try to find all the issues and all problems with it. It is essential.

Car diagnostics

From obvious, we will move to hidden and secret issues with your car. We will connect it to a diagnostic tool and find all error codes reordered.


We can offer simple maintenance procedures for your particular vehicle. They include oil, filter replacement and more.

Tint Car windows
Wheel alignment

Main services

Clearing the codes

If your car has error codes, we will find them and clear them instantly.

Regular maintenance

We offer regular maintenance for all types and models of a car.


We can repair the engine, gearbox and body problems and damages.

Car maintenance

If your car suffers from electrical wiring issues come and we will solve them.

Car maintenance

Replacing oil
New oil filter
Air filter
AC filter
Basic inspection
Brake pad replacement

Full service

Car diagnosing
Regular maintenance
Suspension maintenance
Cooling system flush
Braking system recovery
Exhaust system check



‘’My car is in better condition than ever before. Thank you guys. A great service I would like to recommend to all of you.’’

Gary B Reynolds

‘’I don’t have anything bad to say. My experience is stunning. My car is in perfect order. Thank you once again and again.’’

Christopher K Bramlett

‘’I have been using their services for over 10 years. They are professionals. That’s all I can say.’’

Charles S Stolz

‘’They helped me with a rare car that is almost impossible to maintain anywhere else. It works like a charm.’’

Megan D Whittington

All brands are covered

We can maintain and repair all cars made by any possible and known car brand in the world.


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